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We have combined centuries of traditions with long dormant art forms. Then we have sprinkled in some 21st Century modernizing influence to create a neat little package of delightful handiwork that’s as good for you as it is for our artisans and their craft.

We’ve all witnessed first and the negative impact of plastic on the communities we support and the craftspeople who have made this project possible. It’s absolutely indicting. The smallest change each of us can make has a huge influence, and we want to do our part. To that aim, we’ve been gradually removing the plastic and non-biodegradable materials from all of our handcrafted items. As a result, you may enjoy our furniture with a clear conscience and a cleaner atmosphere.

All of this may seem a little lofty coming from a furniture firm whose very existence is predicated on the gift of trees. The timber used in the product’s construction, on the other hand, is supplied from controlled and commercially planted sources and is completely certified in accordance with applicable responsible forestry legislation. Our craftspeople have been using community-based forestry in some form for over two centuries, and we believe it’s important to include them in every step of the process. You may relax knowing that when you open your delivery, the environment will not suffer from external packaging.

We strongly advise you to take notice of the natural happenings in the woods. The mobility of the wood, as well as knot configurations, color, batch, defects, and grain pattern variances, all contribute to the individuality of each item. These are natural features of handcrafted craft products and should not be seen as flaws. Your product is a living, breathing ecosystem that has found a new place in your home, not a soulless piece of wood churned out en masse from some factory by machines. Every product has a story to tell. This is yours to keep.

It’s simple to look after the wood. On non-painted surfaces, mild dusting is recommended on a regular basis, as is light waxing on occasion. The wood will be refreshed and protected as a result of this.

Wherever fabric is used, we verify that it is fire retardant in order to comply with applicable requirements. You may relax knowing that any unexpected pyrotechnics will not harm your home.

We are a community, and every piece you purchase helps to support the livelihood of an artisan and their families. We are grateful for your help. You are contributing to the resurgence of once-dying arts, as well as the communities from which they originate.

In the odd event that you are dissatisfied with our goods, simply contact the reseller from whom you purchased it. It is strongly recommended that you do so within two working days so that we can address any issues as quickly as possible. We’d hate to see you dissatisfied with something we spent so much time designing, building, and shipping to you.

We hope you enjoy your new piece of furniture for many years to come and that it becomes an important part of your house.

We, as a British corporation based in the heart of central London, see the negative effects of plastic consumption on a daily basis. We won’t be able to clean up London, or the world, in a single day, but we can all do our part to reduce the amount of plastic consumed.

Although cloth and paper alternatives are more expensive to create and ship, we believe it is our ethical responsibility to provide our clients with plastic-free options. Furthermore, charging people for doing the right thing does not seem fair. As a result, we’ve made the conscious decision not to raise pricing for plastic-free packaging, and our customary high standards will remain unaffected.

We’ve already begun this process and aim to eliminate plastic packaging from our products. Our target to achieve this is by the end of 2022.

Deforestation is an issue that we’re quite concerned about. While this may seem strange coming from a furniture firm, we at Artisan work hard to ensure proper forestry so that trees can thrive while giving jobs for the hundreds of artisans who have practiced woodworking in their families for generations.

We have long promised to exclusively utilize wood from commercial regenerative plantations in order to achieve a balance between quality, handcrafted furniture and the trees that we owe our existence to. We use wood from mango trees that have reached the end of their commercial life producing mangoes to make our robust mango furniture. This means we’re essentially repurposing garbage that would otherwise be burned to make room for new samplings.

All the timber is EUTR compliant with regard to responsible forestry.

This pledge has never been more relevant, and still stands strong.

Note: If you wish to see any certification then please ask and we will provide you with the most up to date copy.

All of the fabrics we use in our furniture has been tested to meet the most recent BS5852 Fire-Retardant Standards. We preserve all of our fabric certifications and retest them everytime a fresh batch is made.

Every item will come with the required hanging tags as well as a stitched-in label confirming compliance with the standards.

Note: If you require a copy of any certification, please inquire and we will provide you with the most recent copy.

All of our paints and finishes are lead-free.

In enclosed booths, the finishes are also applied to the furniture to guarantee that the atmosphere is not contaminated by the particulates that may be produced.

To protect our products from termites, we utilize a product called Biflex TC. Biflex provides the longest termite protection in a safe, environmentally beneficial, and ‘green’ manner. Biflex produces an impenetrable termite barrier, giving you the peace of mind that only knowing your investment has been professionally protected with the greatest termiticide treatment available can provide.

With our suppliers, we operate in an open and honest manner, and we take satisfaction in timely payment and strong working relationships.

Our factories were subjected to a Social Audit by a reputable assurance firm, and we were awarded BSCI compliance accreditation, demonstrating that we care about our employees and their rights.

We don’t use child labor in our factories, and we keep a close eye on our suppliers to make sure they don’t either. If we find any instances during our checks, we immediately stop doing business with that company until they comply.

Note: If you require a copy of any certification, please inquire and we will provide you with the most recent copy.

We do not send any of our products from our Indian factories by air freight.

We ship our containers around the world using sea freight. Although this is the most efficient technique for our mix of products, we recognize that the shipping lines can still do much more to decrease their own carbon footprint.

The delivery businesses we utilize from our US Fulfillment Center are working to lower their own carbon footprints.

We eliminate the need to burn wood from trees that have reached the end of their fruit-bearing life.