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How to care for your furniture for endurance and longevity

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Please do follow our aftercare instructions to enhance the life of your furniture!

Each of our goods is custom handcrafted from solid wood.

Because wood is a living material, it is critical to take proper care of it.

Avoid putting your furnishings near radiators or in direct sunlight. Polish non-painted furniture parts using bee’s wax on a regular basis to keep the gloss and extend the life of the piece.

Avoid setting your furniture near a radiator or in bright sunlight to avoid movement in the wood and the degradation of your furniture. Natural wood is not water- or heat-resistant, and it does not like chemicals. We strongly advise you to use a coaster to protect your furniture. If a spill occurs, clean it up as soon as possible with a lint-free cloth.

Clean by gently vacuuming fabric with an upholstery brush to remove ordinary household dust and debris. To maintain the attractiveness and minimise premature wear and fading, the complete product must be cleaned on a regular basis.

Do not massage the stain, soak the fabric, or let it dry. Remember to give your cushions a good shake once a week or so to retain their form. To avoid colour fading, keep all upholstered pieces away from direct sunlight.