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API, ERP and Syncing

API, ERP and Synchronisation

Synchronising Product Information, Images, and Stock

Procedure for Synchronising Product Information, Images, Stock, and Other Variables from Our Websiteto Your Website or Sales Channels like Shopify, etc. Learn More


The Current version 1.0 will synchronise all of our thousands of available SKUs, encompassing thousandsof product features. The system will receive full updates. This procedure is referred to as static syncing.

Version 2.0 released in December 2023, introduces daily dynamic synchronisation, ensuring your system remains current with all our latest additions.


Should your website utilise the WooCommerce platform, we recommend selecting the WooCommerce plugin. Kindly log into your customer account, watch the provided video to understand the procedure thoroughly, and follow the on-screen prompts to submit a form to authorise your data synchronisation request. Payment is required prior to authorisation.


For websites on the BigCommerce platform, please select the BigCommerce plugin. Log into your customer account, watch the provided video for a full understanding, and complete the on
-screen form to authorise your data synchronisation request. A payment is necessary for authorisation.


For Wix platform websites, the Wix plugin is recommended. After logging into your customer account and watching the instructional video, please follow the guidance provided on
-screen to submit your data synchronisation request. Payment is required for authorisation.


Magento platform users are advised to opt for the Magento plugin. Please log in, view the instructional video, and follow the steps outlined to submit your data synchronisation request. A payment is required for authorisation. Regrettably, due to Magento’s restrictions, synchronising product images is not possible; this limitation is beyond our control.

Universal API

For those capable of integrating an API, the universal API option is recommended for its compatibility across different platforms. For detailed instructions, consult the API manual. This represents the most advanced data synchronisation method available.


Our system facilitates the synchronisation of all our products with your Shopify store via our ERP. This beta version may present synchronisation challenges, with a full commercial version expected in the second half of 2024. Payment is required for authorisation.
API Manager-The Hub of Synchronisation.

API Manager-The Hub of Synchronisation.

To initiate Shopify synchronisation, enter your Shopify account URL followed by the username and password. Upon connection, product synchronisation begins automatically, with progress visible under the Products section. Products will appear as “Draft” in your Shopify account; after adjusting purchase prices to selling prices, they can be made live for purchase.
For website synchronisation, enter your website’s webhook. This enables synchronisation between platforms, with progress trackable under Products. Products will also appear as “Draft” on your website,ready to go live once prices are adjusted.

To know more about the integration process, Click Here

Data Syncing Fees

As part of our ethical business practices, CSV uploads for data synchronisation remain free. However, for automated synchronisation of details like product names, dimensions, and costs, subscription plans start from €79/year, facilitating product synchronisation from Artisan Furniture to your website.


  • You may need a developer or a technical team to integrate any of the above options onto your website, we would unfortunately not be able to support you in this regard.
  • Please ensure you have the resources to integrate, before buying any of the options.
  • Once you have purchased one of the options, they cannot be refunded.
  • No further information will be provided outside of the information we have already provided through video and guide resources. A decision needs to be made based on the available resources.
  • T
    he product purchase cost will be synched through the system and you need to calculate your selling cost depending on the margins you wish to apply, as we are aB2B entity and we do not recommend any selling retail prices hence we can’t push or calculate your selling prices.
  • You need to keep an eye on your customer dashboard through the notification bell to monitor changes in prices, new product additions, etc. The system will only change the price when you re-synchronise the information during the cycle.
  • If data did not sync due to a technical issue, we will do our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible. However, we will be unable to provide any compensation or extend the annual term. This is due to the fact that we are not profiting from the activity, as the annual fee barely covers our development and server costs.
  • Following the synchronisation, any subsequent SKU additions and product features will not be automatically updated (version 1.0)
  • Unfortunately, the Magento platform will not allow you to synchronise product images due to Magento’s restrictions. This is outside our control.


These synchronisation options only apply to data sharing between our website and yours, not covering sales channels like Shopify, eBay, or Etsy, even with an existing store/shop on these platforms.

Disclaimer:Mentioned brand names and logos are registered trademarks of their respective businesses.


The anticipation has ended–the integration of seamless dropshipping via ERP (Enterprise ResourcePlanning) is now available. Utilising an API or Plugin for data synchronisation is a chargeable service.
An ERP-based data integration module links your website or e-commerce platforms with our database, incorporating product images and specifications, detailed product information,pricing, stock levels, etc., updated in near real-time. This integration ensures automatic updates for new products and their information.
Forget concerns over data currency or accuracy worries. The future of dropshipping technology has arrived.

ERP currently  compatible with the following,

  • Enhanced Customer Dashboard

    We are introducing an enhanced dashboard for customers, enabling the monitoring of sales performance through various metrics, including sales in pounds and unit sales.This includes access to historical and current order data, back orders, refunds, cancellations, and more.

    (Now Available)

  • Notification – We are also launching a notification feature, alerting customers on the dashboard aboutall critical updates such as deals, product discontinuations, changes in product attributes, prices,specifications, etc. These downloadable alerts are essential for product health monitoring.  (Now available)
  • Onboarding API
    For those new to Artisan Furniture, returning after a pause, or seeking a tech-forward integration method, our seamless API solution is ideal. This API ‘pulls’ product specifications, images, stock levels, dimensions, and other details into your bespoke website. Technical support for the integration process is not provided, and clients are expected to handle A
    PI integration independently. We do offer a “guide to integration,” which is designed to be self-explanatory. This API does not support third-party platforms like Shopify, eBay, etc. For integration with third-party e-commerce platforms, please consult the rest of this document for alternatives.

    (Now available)

  • Backorder Tracking – Customers can now track backorders through Flo as well as through customer dashboard. (Available now)
  • Flo, our Virtual Assistant
    Flo’s functionalities are continuously expanded. To explore all that Flo can manage, please click here
  • Using Webhook — ERP connects with your own website irrespective of the platform as long as you can provide us with a WEBHOOK. (Available now)  https://www.artisanfurniture.net/api-plugins/
  • Using Plugins
    For websites powered by WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, and Wix, available plugins can be integrated to establish a ‘digital bridge’ for data synchronisation.

    (Available now) –  https://www.artisanfurniture.net/api-plugins/

  • Shopify
    Our system links your Shopify store with our ERP, enabling product synchronisation. This is a beta version, so syncing issues may arise. For the full commercial release, please return in the second half of 2024. Payment is required prior to authorisation.
  • EtsyTo be confirmed for 2024/25
  • eBayTo be confirmed 2024/25
  • Wish – To be confirmed 2024/25
Please base your choices on our official recommendations or make a well-informed decision.


Artisan Furniture is unable to provide technological support for your operations, including integration, development of Webhooks or Plugins, system compatibility, storage costs, and management. These responsibilities are yours to manage, at your cost. Should multichannel partners like Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Wish, & OnBuy decline our data synchronisation requests, data flow to those platforms would be disrupted, a situation beyond our control.
We are developing a notification centre within ERP to automatically alert you to any changes in existing products. Products will be marked as “Not Synced” following changes until you permit resynchronisation.

All the information is shared as raw data, any enhancement for your customers or website must be managed by you.

As with any new initiative, initial complications and delays may occur as we integrate customers into the ERP module. We are committed to resolving issues and optimising the process as swiftly as possible. However, the transition may not be entirely smooth at this stage, given the beta version’s nature. If you prefer to wait for the refined version, we welcome you to return in December 2022, when we anticipate having resolved these initial challenges.
By utilising the ERP service, you agree to Artisan Furniture’s Terms and Conditions.
Flo’s capabilities are under constant enhancement, and you can view all manageable functionalities by Flo by clicking


How the system works

  • Go to app.artisanflo.net
  • Enter your username & password. These will be identical to your trade account credentials.
The Dashboard provides a guide and an overview of the ERP process.

Products allow you to view all items in the Artisan database

You can check their stock status, estimated restocking times, dimensions, images, and other details.
As soon as you link your platforms with ERP via the API Manager page, products will start synchronising automatically.
You can track the synchronisation progress for each item.
That’s it! You’ll now be fully synchronised with our servers, ensuring that product and stock information is communicated in almost real-time without manual intervention.
Any further action will be taken by opening a support ticket