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Sturdy and Sustainable Mail-order Product Packaging

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How the Furniture is packaged

We examine our packaging on a regular basis to ensure that it complies with industry best practises. We’re also working to eliminate as much plastic packaging as possible.

Interlocks are installed on doors and drawers, and handles are protected if necessary.

Thick craft paper is used to wrap the product.

As part of the drop test programme, high density corners are put to every edge of the product to give an additional layer of safety and structural integrity.

Thermocol corners are used, with a layer of corrugated sheet added on top.

Around the margins of the product, additional thermocol blocks are put every 10-12 inch interval.

For added protection, another block of thermocol is placed on top of the product.

Every edge of the product is wrapped in strong cardboard, which helps to maintain the packaging structure in place while also protecting the product’s edges.

To guarantee that the product is mail order compliant, a drop test is performed.

In the event that the item drops in transit, the product is placed on a platform and firmly linked to ensure that the impact impacts the empty box (which serves as a platform) first.

Mirror frames, bone inlay products, and other fragile items are packed in two boxes (inner and outer boxes).

On fragile areas like mirrors or glass, more Thermocol is used.

The goods is then taped, strapped, and labelled before being placed in a 7-ply sturdy corrugated box.

Products having a larger weight are placed in a box that has a higher density.

To avoid injuring the product, all soft assembly hardware is packed in a small plastic bag and encased in Styrofoam. This has a crimson ribbon affixed to it.

For knock-down products, the legs are individually wrapped in thick craft paper, with Styrofoam applied to the feet. After that, they’re placed in a separate box that comes with the goods.