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We offer solid wood furniture alongside hand painted cabinets, media units, and bedsides to name a few. Artisan Furniture is a British brand that offers Dropshipping, wholesale, and trade service.

Making minor adjustments to a conventional Artisan Furniture piece is the most basic form. For example, you could ask for a different style of handle, a different wood finish, or a new fabric to replace the old one. The design rights to this product will remain with Artisan Furniture in these cases, and you will be expected to accept delivery of the stock as soon as it arrives in the UK.

To work with us, you must be a business, regardless of its size – little or huge. Sign up for an account at by clicking ‘sign up’ or ‘create an account.’

For a refund, all returns must be submitted within two days. The returns team must approve all returns.

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We already provide affordable international road delivery from Ipswich to all 27 European countries. This is a very cost-effective service that provides total clarity regarding any prospective duty, VAT, or other charges. Artisan Furniture is an IOSS (Import One Stop Shop), which means that shipments can be routed quickly from Ipswich to any EU destination. We’re amazed that we may collect and remit VAT from any of the EU’s 27 countries. Our Irish setup is competent of handling this procedure, which is not only simple and straightforward, but also consumer friendly and open.