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Raising a Complaint / Procedure for escalations

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We recommend that you follow the below step-by-step resolution approach (called the Standard Operating Procedure) to settle any complaints or disagreements if we are unable to meet our expected levels of service, operations, or merchandise.

The trade desk, where our well-trained team can assist and resolve any problem, is always your first point of contact. Please send it to  with the subject “Complaint – Trade Desk” in the subject line.

Internally, the trade team has the authority to escalate for the Trade Desk Team Leader’s attention. You can also request that the complaint be escalated to the Team Leader level and labelled ‘Complaint – Team Leader.’ Please send it to  as an attachment.

If you are still dissatisfied with the suggested remedy, please contact the managerial desk –  – where your complaint will be reviewed by a separate officer, independent of the trade desk.

To arrive at a final judgement at this stage of escalation, the following parameters are reviewed. First, whether the preceding steps of escalation’s methods and procedures were followed, and whether another officer was involved to provide an impartial and unbiased judgement.

If you are still dissatisfied with the compliance procedure and outcome of your complaint, please escalate it to the leadership/management team for an unbiased, objective, and long-term perspective. Please fill out the form below to have your complaint escalated to the highest level of management at Artisan Furniture.