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Product and catalog information sharing through ERP will be available in 2023

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  • Product and catalog information sharing through ERP will be available in 2023
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)-based seamless dropship connection will be available in 2023. During the trial time, the service is completely Free for Artisan Furniture clients. Your website or e-commerce accounts are linked to our database using an ERP-based data integration mechanism. This comprises photos and dimensions of products, product information, prices, and stock levels, among other things, and is updated virtually in real-time. Any new products or information will be automatically covered by the integration. There’s no need to wonder if your data is up to date or to be concerned about its accuracy. Dropshipping technology’s future is almost here. From 2023 all these platforms will be available using the ERP,
  • Using Webhook – ERP can connect to your own website regardless of the platform if you can provide us with a WEBHOOK.
  • Plugins — If your website is up and running, you should use plugins. The available plugins for WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, and Wix can be combined to form a ‘digital bridge’ for data synchronization.
  • Shopify — As long as you have a Shopify account.
  • Etsy – If you have an Etsy account, you can use it.
  • eBay – As long as you have an eBay account.
  • Wish – As long as you have a Wish account.
  • OnBuy — As long as you have an OnBuy account.
The disadvantages of ERP as it now exists are described below.
  • Only available from 2023
  • Artisan Furniture is unable to assist you with technological aspects of your operations, such as end-to-end integrations, development of Webhooks or Plugins, system compatibility, storage cost and maintenance, and so on. To make the ERP data flow operate, you must set up all of these on your own time and expense.
  • In the odd case that multichannel partners such as Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Wish, and OnBuy, among others, decline our data synchronization request, the data flow for that platform will stop working. Unfortunately, we have no control over this.
  • We’re working on integrating a notification center within ERP so that any modifications to existing products will be automatically alerted to you. Unless you allow the data to be resynced, the system will display the products as “Not Synced.”
  • All data is supplied as raw data, therefore any enhancements for your customers or website must be done on your end.
  • Please accept that, as with any new project, there may be some initial issues and bottlenecks as we onboard clients into the ERP module. Please rest assured that we will address all difficulties and streamline the procedure as quickly as possible. We will work out any bugs and fixed any issues found in the beta version. (Launches 2023)
By using the ERP system, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth by Artisan Furniture. How the system works
  • Go to
  • Enter your username and password. This is the same as your trade account login information.
  • At the top of the ERP page, you’ll find three tabs: Dashboard, Products, and API Manager.
This guidance is contained in the dashboard, which provides an overview of the ERP process. The magic happens in the API Manager.
  • To begin the Shopify sync procedure, you must first input the address of your Shopify account URL.
  • The platform will then prompt you to input your Shopify account’s username and password.
  • Once linked, the items will begin syncing automatically. It may take a few hours for the procedure to finish, and you can track the progress of individual products under the Products.
  • Products will appear in your Shopify account under “Draft.” You can make the buy prices live and accessible for purchase once you’ve converted them to selling prices.
  • To begin the Web Hook sync procedure, you must first input the webhook linked with your website to begin the sync procedure.
  • The webhook will transmit a status code to your platform, allowing it to sync with ours.
You may view all of the goods in the Artisan database by going to Products.
  • You can see their current stock level, expected restocking time, product measurements, photographs, and other information.
  • Importantly, the products will begin to sync automatically as soon as you sync your platforms with ERP on the API Manager page.
  • Each product’s synchronizing progress is visible.
It’s that simple! You’ll be in total sync with our servers, and product and stock information will be relayed practically instantly without the need for user intervention. (Available 2023)